Reader Poll Results: Suggested SurvivalBlog Feature Topics.

The results are in. Recently, I asked our readers: What topics would you like to see covered in SurvivalBlog feature articles, in the coming months?

The intent was to give folks ideas for SurvivalBlog writing contest topics. None of the following listed topics are in any way reserved. Anyone can plunge in and share their experience on any of them.

We started with this brainstorming list:

  • Herbs — Medicinal and Cooking
  • Wildcrafting with plants and trees
  • Foraging and recipes with wild edibles
  • Assembling a set of ham radio shack equipment
  • Ham radio antenna trimming
  • Home Gunsmithing
  • How to restore kerosene lamps
  • Basic DIY veterinary science
  • Horse hoof trimming
  • Basic home carpentry projects
  • Dry-pack canning

And here are the feature article ideas that were sent in by readers, greatly expanding that list:

  • Prescription drug preparedness. More than just animal antibiotics, we’d appreciate some detailed recommendations by a medical professional, including some warnings on drug interactions.
  • Cautionary tales – true stories of people who embarked on big prepper, survival, homestead ventures and quickly bailed for one reason or another.

  • Small construction projects/advice

  • Jerry-rigging solutions to remote plumbing and electrical problems.

  • Weather-related considerations for safety, costs, food, other.

  • Small engine maintenance and repair.

  • Accurate butchering cuts.

  • Aging in place in remote locales – hacks, helps, advice.

  • Clever building designs (and those that did not work) for dealing with cold holes, storage, water wells, etc, heat/cooling, etc.

  • Best purchases in this/that category.  Biggest money wasters in this/that category.

  • Assisting birth of mammals, including human people.

  • The humble power of human touch.

  • Mobility without petroleum or electricity.

  • How to get prescription medicine without a prescription, and what alternative medicines can I use in a disaster, such as veterinary antibiotics.

  • Details on how to repurpose a DC motor or a car alternator, to make a pedal-powered DC generator.
  • How to, make do, think outside of the box articles could be helpful as well as more emphasis on where to find supplies outside of the traditional stores. “We need to reject the ‘I can’t’ a replace it with the ‘how can I?’ mentally. We can’t always have the best, most efficient way but we can still achieve the goal as we can update to better more efficient ways.”
  • How to properly clean antique firearms.
  • Using manure tea for aquaponic gardening.
  • Foraging for wild edibles.
  • Home security.
  • Communications in SHTF.
  • Precious Metals – how to invest, stocks in silver/gold mining, how to securely store physical metals, e.g.- is a bank safe deposit safe?
  • Basics on communications.  “From my view there is the ‘classic’ ham approach which works well but in an emergency situation some additional ‘tactical’ methods and styles may be very useful.”
  • An article on interpersonal skills. Someone should cover “basics on how to have a meeting that is structured and not just a get-together session…

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