When And How To Harvest Garlic

Want to know when to harvest garlic? Look no further! Continue reading to ensure you will have your best garlic yield yet.

Garlic is said to be nature’s antibiotic and has multiple health benefits. It’s also said to balance blood pressure and cholesterol. It is beneficial in treating digestive disorders and increases immunity. So, in order to fully enjoy the benefits and not miss your opportunity, learn how to tell when the time is right to harvest garlic and how to do it properly.

When To Harvest Garlic | Homesteading Guide 

It may be safe to assume that you’ve already planted your garlic and have just been letting it grow all winter and all spring. Just like me! Waiting and anticipating the big beautiful garlic bulbs that are full of natural goodness during the long garlic growing season. I am totally ready for the harvest time.

I’m excited to share with you the best time to harvest garlic so you won’t ever have to go without garlic in your kitchen. There is nothing compared to fresh minced garlic, sweetened and browned in olive oil, and added to curries, soups, stir-fries, or even rubbed directly to buttered toast. So as early as now, you can bookmark this post and get back to it once you think your garlic is showing signs that it is ready to be harvested!



When To Harvest Garlic


Harvesting garlic depends on when you plant it, garlic planted in the fall might be ready to harvest in early June or July, but most likely, it will be sometime in August. However, the easiest way to find out if garlic is ready to be harvested is by looking at its leaves.

Harvest when the top of the plant’s leaves start to yellow and fall over  but before they are totally dry. Once the top of its leaves start to turn yellow, just simply start checking the bulbs to see if it is already the proper size.

Loosen the dirt on top of one or two garlic bulbs to get the idea of its size while keeping them on the ground. If they look big enough, you’re ready to make your garlic harvest. However, if the bulbs are still too small, your garlic still needs a bit more time to grow.


Keep in mind that you don’t need to wait too long, because if the garlic leaves are completely brown before you harvest, it may result in an inedible bulb. What a waste!

How To Harvest Garlic

How to Harvest Garlic | When To Harvest Garlic | Homesteading Guide

To harvest, gently dig around the garlic with a hand trowel, avoid cutting or bruising the garlic bulbs. Pull the plants and gently brush off excess soil. Do not wash the bulbs. Let the bulbs cure or…

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