The Pristine Dale Hollow Lake

The pristine Dale Hollow Lake, located on the Tennessee state line, offers 620 miles of white sandy beaches, dense forests and hosts over 3,000,000 people each year.

Choose your houseboat from one of 3 marinas on Dale Hollow Lake! Holly Creek Resort in Celina, TN and Eagle Cove Marina in Byrdstown, TN will offer 5 models of houseboats ranging from a 6-sleeper to a 12-sleeper. Sunset Resort and Marina in Monroe, TN will offer 3 models of houseboats; a 6-sleeper, 10-sleeper and a 12-sleeper. Most people will choose the houseboat based off of location, availability and their houseboat of choice.

Now that you have chosen your houseboat; let’s talk about the lake! In the past, most people heard the words Dale Hollow Lake and associated it to flood control and hydroelectric power. That all changed in 1955 when the World Record Smallmouth Bass was caught by David L. Hayes weighing in at 11 lb. 15 oz. Dale Hollow is known for many things: Houseboating, hiking, camping, horseback riding, scuba diving, canoeing, kayaking, rustic beauty, and unsurpassed water purity, however, Dale Hollow Lake is known most for one thing- FISHING!  

Dale Hollow Lake has earned the nickname of “Smallmouth Bass Capital of the World,” holding the current World Record for the three largest Smallmouth Bass catches in history in addition to Tennessee’s state record for Lake Trout. The Obey River, just below the dam, holds the state record for the largest caught Rainbow and Brown Trout. Dale Hollow lake encompasses several other species such as Muskie, Largemouth Bass, Walleye, Crappie, and Catfish, amongst others including Spotted Bass, Rock Bass, Bluegill and Sunfish. The best time of the year for a good…

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4 Small But Important Things To Know About Lake Mohave Houseboat Rentals

The serene waters of Lake Mohave are amid the same national park area as Lake Mead, but this gem has its own mysterious appeal and unique beauty. These clear blue waters and the ancient Indian petroglyphs along the shoreline draw in visitors from around the globe, and there’s no better way to navigate the lake and see it all than with a houseboat rental. However, before you book your trip launching from Cottonwood Cove Resort & Marina, we offer you four small yet important tips for a successful Bon Voyage.

1.   Age Requirements for Houseboat Rentals

At Cottonwood Cove Resort and Marina, the minimum age to rent a houseboat is 21 years old. It’s important to keep in mind that only individuals whose names are on the rental agreement can operate the boat. Any accidents or injuries that occur without a licensed and authorized operator will not be covered under insurance policies whether they are through the rental agency or private insurance.

2.   Make Advanced Reservations

Getting the houseboat you want and when you want it requires advanced reservations. For Lake Mohave, particularly during peak seasons like spring and summer, it’s best to book a rental 9-12 months in advance. If dates are flexible, about six months is adequate. However, for last minute bookings, contact Cottonwood Cove Resort and Marina to ask about last minute specials and availability.

3.   Additional Costs in Renting a Houseboat

Renting a houseboat is similar to renting a car in that you need to return the vessel with a full gas tank or pay the difference upon returning it to do so. Keep in mind that tooling around Lake Mohave on a houseboat can run from $50-$150 per day depending on how far you travel. A deposit will be required when picking up the houseboat, and this fee will be deducted…

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10 Fun Reasons Why People Love Houseboat Summer Vacations at Lake Powell

Every summer vacation provides you with an opportunity to make everlasting memories with your family and friends. This summer, you should consider a houseboat vacation on Lake Powell.

Here are 10 fun reasons why you should book now:

  1. You can rent an incredible, luxurious houseboat at the Antelope Point Marina, which is situated in the best part of Lake Powell. 

  2. You can visit the Rainbow Bridge National Monument, and take a short boat ride to the Navajo and Antelope canyons.

  3. You can take your boat through the unique slot canyons that can be discovered in this lake.

  4. You can dock your boat and take a hike along one of the nearby trails. There are opportunities for beginning hikers as well as experienced adventurers.

  5. You can rent a powerboat or jet ski to make your time on the water just a bit more thrilling!

  6. You can spend endless hours fishing from your houseboat.

  7. You’ll spot different wildlife creatures every day. From the majestic peregrine falcon in the air to the tiny lizards and frogs that dart through the canyons of Lake Powell.

  8. You can take a break from eating on the houseboat by docking at the marina and enjoying a dining experience on board the largest floating restaurant.

  9. You can spend a day on land and head to nearby Page for a tour of the Navajo Village Heritage Center.

  10. You can spend your evenings gazing into the endless night sky, enjoying a stargazing experience that is unlike any other.

At Forever Houseboats, we specialize in providing families with fun and affordable houseboat vacation packages that are customized to fit their needs. Not only do we have incredible houseboats available to rent at our Lake Powell marina, but we also offer rentals in many other fantastic lakes in California, Arizona and Nevada.

Whether this is…

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Welcome to the St. John’s River

“If I could have, to hold forever, one brief place and time of beauty, I think I might choose the night on that high lonely bank above the St. Johns River.”
Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Explore the St. John’s River aboard one of our houseboats and you will experience Florida light years removed from the glitter of Disney World. A cruise upon the St. John’s is a return to original natural Florida, appearing much as it did when Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings explored the St. John’s in the early 20th century. She and Dessie Prescott traveled the river in a small motorboat and camped on the river bank at night. In a chapter of Cross Creek, she wrote about her experience.

Scenery along the river varies with the elevation. Pine flatwoods occur on the higher areas, while palm, oak hammocks, cypress swamps, and marshes variously border the river and its tributaries. Much of the land bordering the river is part of the Ocala National Forest and will never be developed. Wildlife is abundant. You will see Great Blue and Little Blue Herons as they pose among the thick clusters of moss-draped live oak and palmetto. Egrets dip for fish while Osprey and Eagles soar in the sky above you. Alligators and turtles bask in the sun on the banks. Bring your fishing equipment and fish for Crappie, Catfish, and Perch. At one time the St. John’s was locally dubbed the Bass capital of the world. It is very common to come upon deer crossing the river. Raccoons have been known to raid garbage cans on the front decks of houseboats tied up to the bank of the river at night.

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10 Things You Would Never Expect On a Lake Mead Vacation

With over 550 miles of pristine shoreline and soaring red rock cliffs, Lake Mead has so many fun recreational opportunities. Many families who go on a vacation to Lake Mead are surprised by its “hidden gem” qualities. Here are some things you’d never expect on a Lake Mead vacation.


  1. The beaches are surprisingly rocky and then precariously smooth all at once. You’ll need water shoes if you plan to walk safely in the water and on the beach. The terrain is incredibly rocky in some areas, and some guests have said they can sink into the sand up to their shins in other areas.

  1. The lake is hidden in plain sight. When driving to Lake Mead from Las Vegas, many passersby do a double take to confirm that there is in fact a lake in the distance. It’s hard to imagine a large body of water surrounded by so much desert. Look for the sun’s glare reflecting off the water! 

  1. The fish are friendly! Don’t be surprised to find friendly little fish gathering in large groups near the marina waiting for you to toss them some food. Consider it a warm welcome from the locals.

  1. Jet skis and boats should steer clear of shallow shore. Because many families are swimming and playing in the shallow waters near the beach, jet skis and boats are asked to avoid those areas. Make sure you brush up on boating rules before you go, so you’re not surprised when you reach Lake Mead.

  1. There are gorgeous hiking opportunities. While you’re probably coming for some fun on the water, you can lower your anchor and follow one of the hiking trails for a daytime activity on dry land….

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How Hard is it to Drive a Houseboat? Answers from an Expert

For kids, a houseboat vacation is the adventure of a lifetime. Sleeping in a house that is floating each night is quite literally a dream come true, and there’s nothing better than waking up only to realize they have an entire day filled with outdoor fun ahead. If you are a parent who is planning a houseboat vacation with your kids this summer, here are a few tips to help make your vacation safe and enjoyable.

Bring Life Jackets for Every Child

The houseboat that you rent will be equipped with enough life jackets for each individual who is on board. However, it is recommended that you bring life jackets for each child so that you can choose a life saving device that is ideal for their age, height and weight. Children should wear life jackets at all times when they are on board the houseboat. 

Consider the Security Features of the Houseboat Rental

Every houseboat rental that we offer is designed to provide families with a safe and fun vacation, but you may want to look for specific features that will allow you to feel more comfortable and confident with young children board. Some security features that parents often request include:

  • Guard railings around the perimeter of the boat.
  • Sliding doors that lock from the interior.
  • ​Latching gates on the deck of the boat.

Pack Activities and Games

Young children may never grow tired of playing in the water or docking at the marina in order to go for a hike. However, there are always those moments where everyone needs to wind down and have time to relax on the boat. To keep your kids occupied, pack some of their favorite board games, a deck of cards, coloring books and a few of their most treasured toys.

At Forever Houseboats, we know that this is a vacation that is perfect…

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Powell Priced Right

Maybe you’ve seen pictures of Lake Powell, or even hiked nearby areas…but if you haven’t gone houseboating on Lake Powell, you’re seriously missing out- it’s the ultimate vacation jackpot! The question is how do you hit the jackpot without breaking the bank? Our money-saving secrets will help you do just that.

Cost is at the forefront of everyone’s mind when planning a houseboat vacation (which is understandable and we’ll get to that later) but the most commonly overlooked currency is time. The goal of a vacation is to spend the maximum amount of time exploring, relaxing, and having fun. This brings me to the first saving tip:

1. Spend your time wisely! Save time by getting on the boat early. Bullfrog and Wahweap marinas both offer early boarding for an additional cost. This option gives you access to your houseboat the night prior to departure. Use this time to load groceries and personal items onto the boat and get settled in. You’ll sleep on the boat at the marina and be ready for orientation first thing in the morning. Opting for early boarding is also a great way to gain a few extra hours on board to finish up any meal prepping you have left. Chopping veggies, marinating meat and simply planning out your meals in advance can spare your precious vacation hours. Check out a few of our favorite houseboater-approved tips and tricks to make mealtime easier.

As promised, let’s talk money! Vacation expenses can add up quickly once you factor in dining, lodging, and entertainment but houseboating is a great way to get a fantastic trip without overspending. I mean, what’s better than getting your lodging and entertainment…

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Why We Love Lake Powell for Summer Vacation

The best summer vacations combine natural beauty with adventure and time to relax with the people you love the most. Noting this, it’s easy to see why houseboating on Lake Powell is a popular summer vacation spot for people of all ages. 

Here’s a few reasons why we love summer vacations on Lake Powell:

You never have to leave the lake.

Houseboating has long been a preferred pastime among Lake Powell visitors, but now the options are better than ever. Located just 12 miles away from Page, the Antelope Point Marina is the most convenient houseboat marina on the lake. Boaters can easily board their preferred vessel and immediately begin soaking up the stunning vistas of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. 

There’s endless fishing.

While enjoying a houseboat vacation, you’ll want to be in a place where the fish are biting. Luckily, Lake Powell is the perfect destination for fishermen of all skill levels. From those who are just learning how to bait the hook to those who have been casting off for decades, this lake is full of fishing surprises. Lake Powell is home to both smallmouth and largemouth bass as well as crappie, bluegill, catfish, walleye and northern pike. 

You can visit the Rainbow Bridge National Monument.

You can take an excursion to the Rainbow Bridge National Monument, which is one of the most awesome sights in the region. As one of the largest natural bridges in the world, it should definitely be included on your Lake Powell itinerary.

You can take an afternoon to go hiking on dry land.

While you’ll likely never tire of your luxurious houseboat amenities or all of the fun that you can have on the water, you still may be interested in spending some time on dry land. Hiking throughout the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area will provide you with a chance to…

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Hiking and Fishing on Center Hill Lake, Tennessee

About an hour’s drive southeast of Nashville, TN, is a beautiful lake known for its warm water, state parks and waterfalls. With 255 miles of shoreline, the pristine waters of Center Hill Lake provide excellent conditions for any water activity: swimming, waterskiing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, kayaking, paddleboarding, scuba diving and fishing, as well as on shore hiking. 


Take the whole gang on the 80′ Family Paradise Houseboat that sleeps up to 14 people. Even though you’ll be nestled in nature, you will be more than comfortable on the Family Paradise; it features 6 private staterooms and 2 full baths. You’ll cook your meals in a full kitchen complete with two refrigerators, or on the gas grill on the patio. Unwind in the hot tub on the top deck after a full day of play, or watch movies on the flat panel TV in the living area.



There are three state parks that touch Center Hill Lake. Closest to Hurricane Marina is Edgar Evins State Park, where there are seven hiking trails ranging from easy to difficult:

  • Hillside Storybook Trail (.5 miles) easy/moderate
  • Millennium Trail Loop (2.3 miles) moderate
  • Merritt Ridge Loop Trail (5.5 miles) moderate/difficult – water by trail, rises up on the ridges from an intersection along the Millennium Trail Loop, you can combine the two trails and enjoy 8 miles of terrain.
  • Evins Ridge Nature Trail (.6 miles) moderate
  • Cemetary Trail (.1 miles) moderate
  • Highland Rim Loop Trail (2 miles) moderate/difficult – water by trail, an abundance of wildflowers in the springtime
  • Marina Trail (1 mile) easy/moderate

Be sure to also visit Burgess Falls State Park…

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How to Find the Perfect Place to Anchor Your Lake Mead Houseboat Rental

Cruising and navigating the open lake is only part of the full houseboating experience. When the sun sinks low and evening sets in, houseboat operators must find a good spot to anchor or stake their ship. Once an ideal shoreline is established, you can set up camp for the night (or day).

Here at Forever Houseboats, we’ve drawn up a few steps to help you find the perfect place to anchor your Lake Mead houseboat rental.

Step 1. Observe from a distance

Does the bank have plenty of sand? Will this beach provide enough shade and protection from prevailing winds? These are two common questions to ask yourself before settling on the perfect place to anchor your Lake Mead houseboat.

Step 2. Send out the scouts

If you’ve rented a small watercraft, have someone go ahead of the houseboat and scout out the beach in question. If they have determined the beach is suitable (ex: not too shallow), they’ll be able to help guide the vessel into position. 

Step 3. Check below the surface

As you cruise up to a sandy bank, pay close attention to the water directly in front, underneath and to the sides of your boat. Be careful not to park too close to any large rocks.

Step 4. Park near deep water

All of our houseboats come with a built-in water slide located on the back of the vessel. Before you beach your houseboat, it’s important to check behind the boat to make sure the water is deep enough to jump in and there are no large rocks in sight.

Step 5. Stay clear of other boats 

This is especially true when there’s a fair amount of wind present. Even if your houseboat is tied down, there’s still a chance it could drift several feet to the left or right. With…

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