The Power and Deadly Design of Purposely Fabricated Inflation: A Tool for Tyrants

By: Gary D. Barnett

 “Interventionism inevitably leads to socialism, central banking inevitably leads to hyperinflation, total cashlessness inevitably leads to total surveillance, and “guaranteed income” inevitably leads to guaranteed enslavement. A deadly poison remains a deadly poison even when ingested in a gradual manner.”

~ Jakub Boydar Winiewski

 The inflationary game being played by the evil U.S. government and the rest of the West, is more dangerous than most Americans could ever imagine. It has implications that reach to the core of the attempt to form a ‘new world order,’ to such an extent as to possibly be the final nail in the coffin of freedom. This tactic is part of the planned destruction of economies, the elimination of cash to affect a cashless society in favor of a digital monetary monstrosity. This will lead to a vast social credit scoring system based on the China model; supported, funded, and built with full U.S. complicity over time. Central bank money printing has been the mainstay of this trap, and continues to go full speed ahead as prices for food, goods, and services continue to escalate beyond imagination. Consider that this is just the beginning of a purposely structured hyper-inflation that is meant to bring this country to its knees.

After the past two plus years of lockdowns, quarantine, mandates, threats, false testing, bioweapon injections, family destruction, economic hell, and state murder, the plot of world domination is being further advanced by a single claimed war between Russia and Ukraine, where all players it seems, are working together in an effort to begin a new era of famine and monetary Armageddon. This of course is no accident, but has been accepted as credible by much of the world, especially the ignorant and indifferent American public. The rest of the carnage constantly taking place around the world at the hands of the U.S., NATO, and others is virtually ignored in favor of only supporting Ukraine, a state fully controlled by the U.S. Forget Yemen, Syria, Africa, any continued war crimes in Iraq, and Afghanistan, Israel’s savage assault on Palestine, brutal sanctions against many sovereign countries, mostly at the hands of the U.S. and NATO, and all the other atrocities being levied against millions of innocent people everywhere. It is now in vogue to only support Ukraine in the U.S. false flag event called the Russia/Ukraine war; a conflict purposely and knowingly structured as a way to weaken Russia, while at the same time being the tool used to starve the world of food and energy.

This is only the tip of the iceberg however, as continued state ‘emergencies,’ wars and proxy wars, depopulation, depravity, poisonous injections, more claimed ‘viral’ attacks, mass inflation, supply line manipulation, and monetary chaos will be forthcoming. Of this you can be assured, as the never-ending assault on humanity continues without pause. There are some who claim that the ‘pandemic’ is over, and freedom has returned, but how can freedom return when it did not exist in the…

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Trapping Part 1: A Primer on Forgotten Skills

Survival of the Fittest Smartest

Food costs and everything else right now is on the rise. This has led to an increasing number of people becoming interested in starting a garden or learning how to hunt and fish. Skills such as these were commonplace only a handful of decades ago, but they have been allowed to grow stagnant due to an increasingly efficient logistic system. Now, as that logistic system begins to deteriorate in the wake of a parade of geopolitical issues, there has never been a better time to get reacquainted with those skills our forbearers grew up with. 

But before you start to don your camouflage and sling your muzzleloader, we need to explore our present reality. There seems to be a sentiment among those interested in survival or emergency preparedness that everything will be fine once the store shelves are bare if one can bugout to a rural area and sup on the endless feast of nature’s bounty. If only this were true! Unfortunately, nature consists of finite resources. Just look at the passenger pigeon, a species of bird whose flocks numbered in the millions and would sound like thunder in the distance. There were no limits on how many hunters could harvest. That is until the last known passenger pigeon died in 1914. Now imagine a city as densely populated as New York, with nearly 19 million individual humans as of 2022, and think of how long “nature’s bounty” would last if each of those people dispersed into the surrounding countryside in search of food. In this scenario, it stands to reason that any available food resources, plant or animal, would vanish very quickly.

  • Trees with large open cavities provide shelter and food for a variety of species, and make for a more obvious trapping site.
  • The modern equivalent to the cavity of a tree, culverts such as these are frequently used by small creatures in more developed areas to travel, hide and sometimes live.

Fortunately, there is a skill from the pioneering days of yore that comes in very handy in any region, urban or rural, and that is the lost art of trapping. Presently most trapping is obsolete, but before industrialization and commercial farming, trapping on the North American continent was a booming industry. Trapping was often used in conjunction with small family farming to supplement supplies for clothing, meat, and a variety of other animal by-products to sustain human life throughout the year. These days, trapping is used primarily as a method of pest control, although there are some places that still trap for particular types of fur. Regardless of what trapping has been and still is used for, the skill of being able to set a trap targeted for a particular species is an underrated and mostly overlooked, life-saving skill.

Take your favorite survival show as an example. One of…

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Compost Pile Mistakes To Avoid

If you are thinking of starting a compost pile this article will tell you compost pile mistakes to avoid. Anybody who has maintained a garden for a while or even starting just now, knows about the importance of compost. It is a common belief that it is not difficult to prepare compost for a garden and neither you have to keep watch on it.

According to experts, there is no wrong or right method for making compost. However, some gardeners are just a bit more nit-picky than others and want the garden to be in top condition.

This also involves the quality of the compost. If you are looking to prepare healthy compost for the garden and want to eliminate the common mistakes people make during the process, then this is the perfect post for you.

This post from the Rodale’s Organic Life discusses the six mistakes people commonly make with compost piles. You can have better; free from pests and nutritious compost by avoiding these common mistakes. Moreover, you will also be able to more easily maintain the compost.

The post is quite detailed describing each mistake and how you can eliminate them. You can greatly improve your gardening skills and the appearance of your gardening by following the information in this post. If you are an enthusiastic garners, this is a suggested post to read.


Final Thoughts

It might all seem hard to understand but to avoid making any of these composting mistakes, learn what materials you can safely compost and how much you should add. Pick a good spot and remember to turn it regularly. Composting is easier than you think, so get started today!

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EPIC Urges Federal Reserve to Prioritize Privacy If Designing a Central Bank Digital Currency

In comments on the Federal Reserve’s January 2022 discussion paper, “The U.S. Dollar in the Age of Digital Transformation,” EPIC urged the Fed to take a careful approach to designing and implementing a central bank digital currency (CBDC) that prioritizes privacy and does not repeat or exacerbate the privacy invasions in the current digital payments system. EPIC recommended that the Fed base a CBDC on the work of Advisory Board member David Chaum, who is widely recognized as the inventor of digital cash.

EPIC argued that a CBDC could improve financial privacy for individuals, but only if the system were designed to facilitate anonymous transactions equivalent to cash. Such a privacy-protective CBDC would require “close regulation and testing of the underlying protocols, systems, and devices and should be designed as a cash-like digital currency using a token-based system without a persistent digital ledger.”

EPIC regularly advocates for privacy and consumer protection in digital transactions. Recently, EPIC urged the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to thoroughly investigate privacy invasions by big-tech platforms offering payment services.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning the House

Your effort to maintain the cleanliness of your house must be consistent. You can’t keep it clean today and allow it to look terrible for the rest of the week. However, even when you try your best to maintain the place, you might still commit mistakes. Here are some.

Forgetting to empty the vacuum

There’s nothing wrong with using the vacuum if you want to speed things up. It’s convenient and efficient. The problem is you leave the container full after using it. You won’t even remember that it’s already full, and you still keep going. So it’s better to empty it immediately after use.

An alternative is the use of a squeegee broom. It’s also easy to use and maintain. You can buy one online at a reasonable cost. In addition, it can keep your house clean at all times.

Sweeping your house only when you have time

Just because you don’t have enough time doesn’t mean you can’t sweep your house anymore. You must do it as often as possible, as dust and dirt pile up. They may cause allergic reactions. You don’t want your children to be ill for this reason. It’s even more challenging if you have pets. You should sweep the floor and dust the surfaces each day.

Using the wrong cleaner

You might also mistake using a cleaner that doesn’t suit the surface you are trying to clean. Make sure you understand the material where you intend to apply the cleaner before using it. You might damage the item, and it will be beyond recovery. Try applying it on a small surface first to see if there are harsh reactions.

Forgetting to clean the edges

You might take time to disinfect the surfaces and keep them clean. However, you only do it in the visible areas. Once you go closer, you will realize that there are spots missed. Make sure you don’t forget to clean the edges and the other areas that are easy to miss. If you notice something uneven, keep going until everything looks good.

Cleaning one area at a time

It’s a problem if you decide to clean one area at a time. In doing so, you might not have time to get things done. As a result, you feel accomplished cleaning one area and forgetting the rest. Worse, the area you cleaned became dirty while the rest worsened. Determine how much time is necessary to clean the entire house and cancel your plans until you get things done.

Forgetting the appliances

Your appliances are in excellent condition, and they look fine. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t clean them anymore. They might still accumulate dust, especially when unused for a while. Check the appliances and clean them.

By avoiding these mistakes, your house will be in excellent shape. In addition, you won’t feel embarrassed about asking your friends to come. While appearance doesn’t determine whether the place deserves to be called home, it still matters.

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Patio Herbs, Spices, Peppers, and Tomatoes

(Continued from Part 1. This concludes the article.)

Thyme – unknown plants

About three years ago, while my son was in college for forestry he would bring me leftover plants from the horticulture department. The horticulture departments from the local schools around you are an untapped goldmine of inexpensive, quality grown plants of all types. I encourage you to explore the markets these departments put on each year. I have two different types of thyme. I do not know the history of the plants. They each have a different look and taste. The seeds from these plants are so small I just let them fall back into the pot. They are nice size small bushes and produce good quantities of dried thyme. I mix the two together; I have not yet explored having different types and quantities of each herb. I am more interested in replacing the herbs and spices we purchase from the store. I have yet to see any new volunteers from these plants; the bushes just keep growing after each yearly trim. No pests that I have noticed. Both plants were unprotected during the freeze and both plants made it through fine.

Oregano – purchased plants

The oregano plant is in a large pot north side of the house. It is in full shade, but does just fine. Every spring it puts out long shoots of leaves that I cut off and place in The Dryer. This is another plant that takes a long time to dry. Each fall it goes to seed and I loop the seed shoots to remain in the pot. As far as I can tell, this is the same plant I purchased and there have been no volunteers spring up. It dies off a little each year, but comes back strong. No pests that I have noticed. Unprotected during the freeze and died off, but came back stronger than ever. It will be a good year for oregano.

Tarragon – purchased plant

This plant, so far, acts the exact same way as the oregano plant. It is on the north side, it puts out long shoots of leaves that go into The Dryer. This plant makes very nice yellow flowers each fall which I direct back into the pot. There have been no volunteers, yet. This plant will die all the way back each winter, but new shoots come out of the root ball each spring. It is six years old. No pests that I have noticed. It was unprotected during the freeze and it completely died.

Sweet Marjoram – unknown and purchased plants

I do not know why they call it “sweet” as it is a very pungent herb. I have pots on the patio and on the north side of the house. I have purchased some plants and have some that were gifts from my son. I get plenty of dried produce from the plants. These work the same as the Thyme and Oregano. The seeds are very small and…

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Ninth Circuit Okays Los Angeles Program Tracking E-Scooter Riders’ Location

A federal appeals court has ruled that the Los Angeles Department of Transportation may track e-scooter rides throughout the city without a warrant. The case hinged on whether people who ride e-scooters have a reasonable expectation in privacy in the location data generated by the scooters, which is then collected by the e-scooter company and routinely disclosed to LADOT.

The Supreme Court ruled in a 2018 case Carpenter v. United States that people have a reasonable expectation of privacy in their historical cell-phone location data because the data is so sensitive and is not voluntarily provided to phone providers. But the Ninth Circuit ruled that scooter location data does not trigger the same privacy concerns. According to the Court, the plaintiffs knowingly and voluntarily shared their location data with the scooter companies, scooters are less personally trackable over time than cell phones, and people do not need scooters to participate in modern society like they need cell phones.

EPIC and the Center for Democracy and Technology had submitted an amicus brief in the case urging the Court to recognize that some individuals can be easily re-identified from their scooter data, scooters are indispensable for low-income residents not served by public transportation, and the LA program could easily be made more privacy protective while still achieving its goals. EPIC also published a blog post further explaining why scooter location privacy should—and could easily—be protected. EPIC routinely files amicus briefs in location privacy cases.

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Easiest Flowers to Grow For a Fabulous Flower Garden

So you want to have a flower garden, but you’ve never grown one before. Or maybe you’ve tried to grow a flower garden, but you weren’t successful and you’re ready to try again. Either way, you need to start with the easiest flowers to grow. Yet, you still want your garden to look fabulous. Luckily, reputable flower seed sellers like Eden Brothers have dozens of easy-to-grow flowers like these listed here to make your garden the talk of the town.


These vibrantly-colored flowers are a perfect choice for beginning flower gardeners because they are extremely hardy and will grow in a wide range of soil conditions. Whether you live in a dry climate or a more humid one, marigolds will thrive. You don’t even have to use fertilizer to get these beautiful puff-ball-life flowers to grow. They actually prefer poor soil as long as you water them enough. Marigolds like full sun, but some varieties, like the snowdrift marigold will grow well in partial shade.


This brightly colored perennial is a favorite of gardeners who live in dry climates. It’s considered a succulent, so it doesn’t require as much water as other flowers do. They also thrive in full sun, making them an excellent choice for environments that see many consecutive days of sunshine. You do still need to water them and you’ll want to make sure there is a good drainage system around your sedum plants, but as long as those conditions are met, these red, pink, and yellow flowers that bloom in a variety of shapes will add texture and dimension to your garden.


With more than 70 varieties of sunflowers available, you could potentially create a flower garden composed entirely of sunflowers. These fast-growing flowers will also give you quicker gratification than other flower varieties that tend to take forever to grow. Your soil doesn’t have to be perfect to grow sunflowers, either, as they grow well in all types of soil environments. Native to North America, sunflowers prefer lots of sunshine and because there are varieties that grow as tall as 14 feet in height, you can create a dimensional garden with these beauties in the back, towering over your smaller plants.


If you’re looking for a flower that grows well in shady conditions, look no further than the begonia. These colorful flowers that range from rose to gold to orange are ideal flowers for beginners because they aren’t picky about their soil or their light. They do prefer humid environments, but daily misting can help increase the humidity in the air around them, especially if they are being grown indoors or in pots that are kept in the shade. Gardeners like these flowers because they come in a range of sizes as well as colors, so you can choose many begonias and still have variety in your garden.


Another flower that can be found in a variety of sizes and colors, snapdragons have a long flowering period that lasts from June through October. This makes them extremely popular…

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EPIC & EFF to D.C. Circuit: Agencies Cannot Withhold Contractor Names as “Commercial” Info Under the FOIA

EPIC and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (“EFF”) have filed an amicus brief in a D.C. Circuit case explaining the importance of contractor identities to surveillance oversight and other transparency work related to government use of technology. The case, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington v. Department of Justice, concerns the Federal Bureau of Prison’s refusal to disclose the names and identifying information of companies that supply pentobarbital for lethal injections. The district court upheld the withholding, agreeing with the Bureau that the names of the contractors are “commercial” information because disclosure might result in bad publicity and loss of business for the companies. EPIC and EFF explain that federal agencies increasingly rely on private companies to develop decision-making, surveillance, and identity verification tools that impact individuals’ fundamental rights. EPIC and EFF argue that a contractor’s relationship to these government activities is information about the government, not “commercial” information. The amicus describe how EPIC and EFF use contractor names to link information about vendors across jurisdictions and other sources, track the proliferation of a certain company’s technology, and find agencies using technologies developed by companies with bad privacy reputations. EPIC uses the FOIA to track government uses of AI and surveillance technologies, sues federal agencies when they withhold information of public interest, and files amicus briefs in important cases interpreting the FOIA.

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A Venezuelan Perspective on a War with Columbia

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As you know, I live in Venezuela. You are about to read the possible consequences of an armed conflict with our neighboring Colombia. Most of these consequences of a Colombian war are to be expected. However, there’s a peculiar situation down here I’ve never seen before – a regular army cooperating with irregular forces. This has never happened in South America before, as far as I know. 

I will avoid quoting names for safety reasons, as these people are so widely known that you should be aware of who they are without my placing myself at risk. Some of these people are now prey for anyone looking for a few million dollars reward.

It’s not like Venezuelan forces are waiting to go on a pillaging spree.

Far from that. Many of them are decent young men. 

I am a hardcore pacifist. I have seen the consequences of war without even having been involved in one. I know how gunpowder smells, and I recognize the blood-freezing sound of dozens of FALs chambering a round simultaneously, while you are nearby and unarmed.

I saw the fear in mothers’ eyes as they hugged their children and ran to their apartments back in the Caracas in 1992 when Hugo’s infamous coup d’etat took place. I witnessed airplanes shooting missiles at Miraflores, the government palace, from the apartment windows where I had a rented room.

I talked to a couple of soldiers who would become college students after participating as non-volunteers in the coup –  forced by the communist agents to grab the weapon and get on board the troop transports. They chose to go to University instead of insisting on pursuing a military career after discharging without benefits because of their involvement in the coup. Quite a wise choice, as the political polarization of our armed force became a reality, and they are practically the (armed) custody of the “Socialist” Party. Old news.

During the democratic era, military personnel did not vote by law. They had custody of documents to audit the elections and keep the democracy machinery working. Nowadays, their only reason to exist is to defend the Party.

A few other (armed) groups were created: the equivalent of the TonTon Macoutes, and are foreign to our ruling Constitution. Do you think I am exaggerating? Not at all.

The Intl. Criminal Court designated and sent Venezuela a public prosecutor (an international general attorney), just for the record. There is a request for a trial because of the hundreds of civilians shot in the demonstrations since 2014. Whether this…

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