Amoxicillin Shortage -What You Should Know

Amoxicillin Shortage

Is the Amoxicillin shortage fake news, or is it something we should be paying close attention to? Amoxicillin Oral Powder, Albuterol, and Epinephrine Injection are just a few of the many medications found on the FDA Drug Shortage list. Amoxicillin oral powder is used to make a liquid antibiotic for children.

When a cold doesn’t go away, it may mean an infection has developed. Antibiotics are commonly prescribed by doctors to treat ear, sinus, and lung infections. One news company reported that the Amoxicillin shortage is due to an “early respiratory season”.  Another reporter claims, “the amoxicillin shortage comes as children’s hospitals nationwide are reaching capacity due to a resurgence in respiratory illnesses.” Is there a reason to be concerned about an Amoxicillin shortage, or are antibiotic shortages normal?


Within this article, I’ve interviewed three medical professionals to determine if the recent news coverage of Amoxicillin is just fearmongering hype or an early warning flare. Below are my questions and their answers. 


What Medical Professionals Say About the Amoxicillin Shortage


Joe Alton, MD

  1. Why is Amoxicillin the most prescribed antibiotic?

“Amoxicillin covers the bacteria from the most commonly-seen infections in the ears, sinuses, plus strep throat. It is also effective for certain pneumonias. It’s not too broad-spectrum, which means it doesn’t kill off some of the good bacteria in our gut. It’s also very inexpensive, with a ten-day course costing between four to eight dollars (some places it’s free!).” 

2. The FDA states the Amoxicillin shortage is due to a “demand increase for drug.” What factors would cause a demand increase?

“A common reason for such shortages are mass purchases by the military or other government agencies replenishing national stockpiles. Some years ago, the military purchased so much of the antibiotic doxycycline that it became widely unavailable for a time. As a result, the government issued an emergency use authorization for expired lots of the drug.”

3. Does the United States have any companies that produce Amoxicillin, or is all of it imported overseas?

“At present, only USAntibiotics of Bristol, TN produces amoxicillin in the United States (as far as I know).”

4. What medical preps or tips would you recommend to preppers as we face ‘supply chain issues’ and ‘increases in demand’ for vital medications?

“My advice would be to stockpile the medicines you can, be aware that most medicines remain potent longer than their expiration dates, and learn about medicinal plants in your area that you might be able to incorporate into a preparedness garden. Alternatives to standard drugs may not have as much scientific data behind them, but as President Theodore Roosevelt once said: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.””

5. Amoxicillin Oral Powder, Albuterol, and Epinephrine Injection are just a few listed as “currently in shortage.” Is there a reason to be concerned about these shortages…

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PRESS RELEASE: EPIC to Federal Trade Commission: It is Time to Protect Consumers from Commercial Surveillance

WASHINGTON, DC  –  Today, the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) submitted comments in response to the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding a Trade Regulation Rule on Commercial Surveillance and Data Security. As EPIC explains:

The unchecked spread of commercial surveillance over the last two decades has led to a data privacy crisis for consumers in the United States. The ability to monitor, profile, and target consumers at a mass scale has created a persistent power imbalance that robs individuals of their autonomy and privacy, stifles competition, and undermines democratic systems. It is far past time to disrupt this data abuse and set rules of the road for our online ecosystem to ensure that companies cannot extract private value from personal data in ways that undermine the public good. 

“For twenty years, lawmakers and regulators have failed to protect us as whole industries have risen to power on the exploitation of our personal data,” said EPIC Senior Counsel John Davisson. “Who we are, what we like, where we go, what we believe—the intimate details of lives have become commodified and used to extract profit. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The FTC has the power to set rules that will limit what companies know about us, rein in harmful algorithms, crack down on digital discrimination and harms to children, secure our data, and reverse the asymmetry of power between consumers and big tech. EPIC’s comments set out a comprehensive blueprint for the FTC to do that.”

EPIC told the Commission that it should address the widespread data abuses by data brokers, targeted advertising firms, and other entities facilitating commercial surveillance by issuing comprehensive privacy rules that address the unfair trade practices that are causing substantial privacy injuries to consumers every day. Specifically, EPIC said the Commission should issue a data minimization rule to ensure that companies only collect personal data that they need to provide consumers with the goods and services that they request; collection and uses of personal data that go beyond what consumers reasonably expect should be prohibited.

EPIC also detailed harm that consumers are suffering as the result of untested, unsubstantiated, opaque, and dangerous automated decision-making systems in commerce. The Commission should issue an algorithmic fairness and accountability rule to require companies to establish that their decisionmaking systems are effective, accurate, and free from impermissible bias before they are deployed, and ensure that companies give meaningful notice to consumers about the use of these systems. EPIC also called for a ban on algorithmic systems that have been shown to cause serious and systemic harms, such as one-to-many facial recognition and emotion recognition systems. 

Commercial surveillance and algorithmic decision-making systems disproportionately harm marginalized communities, and EPIC calls on the Commission to prohibit discrimination as an unfair trade practice.

EPIC also highlighted that minors are uniquely vulnerable to profiling and the outputs of commercial surveillance systems, which are necessarily designed to suggest and shape preferences and beliefs. The Commission should issue a rule limiting the collection and processing of minors’ data unless strictly necessary…

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Primitive Sun Block Methods and Burn Remedies | Homesteading Simple Self Sufficient Off-The-Grid

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11 Edible Tree Leaves for Survival

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Estimated reading time: 9 minutes

11 Edible Tree Leaves for Survival

Young tree leaves are the best to eat. This is one of the most important lessons when it comes to harvesting edible tree leaves. 

When your delicious spinach leaves and lettuce leaves bolt, or go to seed, you know that they become tough and bitter. The same is true of these edible tree leaves. They are best harvested in the spring or off of new growth that is young and tender. 

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Late season leaves are going to be the most bitter and the most fibrous. 

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How to Eat Tree Leaves

Of course, you can just tear them off and chew them up. I would recommend you get a little more creative if you want to add edible tree leaves to your diet. 

Foraged Salads

If you are out foraging wild edible tree leaves then you might as well forage some other edible greens, too. Plan on adding all of these foraged foods together to create some kind of simple salad. You can even mix foraged foods with salad lettuces from your own garden


Wild edible tree leaves can be added to smoothies or even pureed and added to soups and pesto.

Fresh or Dried Teas

Tea is a great way to enjoy wild edibles like tree leaves. Drying the leaves will make them last longer but having tea leaves that are fresh often has a different kind of flavor. 


Larger edible leaves can be used to wrap up things like rice or meat stuffings. 

11 Trees With Edible Leaves 

1. Maple 

Red Maple Leaves Against Blue Sky

Maple trees require a bit of work up front depending on the species. Young Japanese maple leaves can be battered and fried. Larger maple leaves are supposed to be layered in a container and dusted with salt then left in a cool dark place for up to 10 months! 

The process sounds crazy, but this is how you can preserve the leaves. Batter fried, they are dusted with powdered sugar as a tasty treat. Maybe even drizzled with a little maple syrup?

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2. Mulberry

Fresh Mulberry Leaves

The mulberries get all the love when we are talking about this tree. Few people take advantage of the wild edible leaves as a resource. Mulberry leaves always reminded me of puzzle pieces. They are one of the rare trees, like sassafras, that has a few different shapes of leaves on a single tree. 

There are five segmented leaves that look like stars with rounded edges, then there are fuller, thicker versions of these leaves and finally there is a leaf that looks like…

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Report: Lied to the IRS About Wait Times for Its Identity Verification Service

Two U.S. House committees recently revealed that identity verification vendor deliberately underestimated how long people had to wait for virtual interviews to access government benefits and massively overestimated the extent of welfare fraud during the pandemic. “It is deeply disappointing that a company that received tens of millions in taxpayer dollars to help Americans obtain these benefits may have hurt their ability to access that critical relief,” Rep. James Clyburn, Chair of the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis, said. “’s practices risked putting desperately needed relief out of reach for Americans who lack ready access to computers, smartphones, or the internet.”

The committees revealed that in 2021, claimed only a 2-hour wait time for the 10-15 percent of people seeking benefits who failed to identify with its facial recognition software. In reality, wait times averaged more than 4 hours in the majority of states using the system, and in some states the average wait time was more than 9 hours. The same year, removed the ability to schedule virtual appointments, making it even harder for working people and people depending on public computers to receive benefits. “In some cases, removed important customer service accommodations, making it more difficult for users to speak with trusted referees,” Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney, Chair of the Committee on Oversight and Reform, said. “I am also deeply concerned about providing inaccurate information to federal agencies in order to be awarded millions of dollars in contracts.”

An EPIC-led coalition of privacy and civil liberties groups urged federal and state agencies to end their use of and other face verification services. IRS dropped its plan to use after criticism from members of CongressEPIC, and many others. The company came under fire for forcing individuals to submit to intrusive facial recognition identity verification, subjecting people to long wait times for verification, and misleading the public. Individuals can join organizations pushing back against the use of face verification by signing this petition to Dump

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The Benefits of Using Rubber Hunting Boots For Deer Hunting


Having good rubber hunting boots can benefit you in a number of ways. These include: waterproofing, comfort, scent control, and keeping your feet warm.


Choosing the right pair of waterproof rubber hunting boots will help you to protect your feet against the elements. Whether you’re in the field during a cold winter or a hot summer, rubber boots will keep your feet dry. But you must keep in mind that they aren’t perfect for every hunting scenario.

Some rubber boots are designed to fit your foot perfectly, so you won’t have to worry about blisters. These boots are also comfortable to wear, and will allow you to enjoy your hunting adventure. They also feature a sturdy outsole, so you can walk on wet surfaces with ease.

When hunting, you’ll likely be walking on muddy surfaces or walking through snow. The right waterproof rubber hunting boots can keep your feet dry and warm.

The LaCrosse Alphaburly Pro is a good option for hunters looking for a heavy-duty rubber boot. This boot features a neoprene gusset and a tough outer shell, making it ideal for hunters who need a boot that can handle a variety of hunting conditions. It also has a dual-density outsole for added durability. It’s also available in a side zip model, and features a variety of camo patterns.

The Irish Setter MudTrek is another option for hunters looking for a reliable rubber boot. This boot features a slip-resistant sole, along with ScentBan odor-control technology. It is also 100% waterproof, which helps keep your feet warm. You’ll also find an abrasion-resistant shin guard that prevents punctures. It’s also available in a variety of colors, including Realtree Timber Camo.

If you’re looking for a boot that’s a little lighter, the Hunters Choice Boots are a good choice. They’re also waterproof, and feature vulcanized rubber. They’re also 16 inches long, so they offer good snake-proof protection. This pair of boots also includes a briar and thorn guard and steel shank for added arch support. They’re available in both men’s and women’s sizes.

When choosing waterproof rubber hunting boots, you’ll also want to choose a pair that fits well. The last thing you want is to have blisters when you walk through the woods. You’ll also need a pair of boots that can keep your feet warm, as cold weather will cause your core temperature to drop.

Scent Control

Whether you are looking for a new pair of rubber hunting boots or are planning on wearing them for the first time, there are many things you should consider. Aside from choosing a pair that will keep your feet warm and dry, you also need to make sure that they are able to help you with scent control.

Scent control is an important part of deer hunting. Keeping your body odor under control can help you to get a better picture of your surroundings and increase your odds of success. While there are many products available to help you do this, you should also remember that it’s your job to keep…

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EPIC Submits Comments to Maximize Consumer Protections in Ongoing California Privacy Rulemaking

EPIC submitted comments to the California Privacy Protection Agency yesterday to recommend edits to their latest round of proposed rules implementing the California privacy bills. EPIC provided modifications to sections on data minimization, third party obligations to comply with consumer protection, and to clarify the obligation of companies to limit sensitive data collection and use to strictly necessary and enumerated purposes. EPIC has previously sent comments to the California Privacy Protection Agency throughout this process in August 2022, June 2022, and November 2021.

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Recipe of the Week: S.A.’s Spicy Cornbread. They nicely extend any meal.

The following spicy cornbread recipe comes from reader S.A., as a follow-on to her previous recipe article on how to expand on standard storage staple foods.

I love cornbread, I’m a southerner. I’ve spent a lifetime making muffins from scratch, but here’s an easy way to expand your cornbread. My preference is sweet, jalapeño cornbread with small corn kernels for added texture and calories.

  • 1 box Jiffy corn muffin mix
  • 1 Can white shoepeg corn
  • 2 teaspoon sugar
  • Dehydrated jalapeños, to taste.  (Use more or less to match your tolerance for spiciness)
    1. Grease or PAM-spray a 12-muffin tin.
    2. Mix cornbread per directions with egg and milk.
    3. Add the sugar and at least 1/4 cup of corn.
    4. Shoepeg is preferable to regular corn as the pieces aren’t so clunky.
    5. With a molcajete, grind however much dried jalapeño as you wish to use.
    6. Place some jalapeño bits in the bottom of each slot in the muffin pan.
    7. Pour in the batter, dividing it to make 12 muffins.
    8. Bake as directed, for 12 minutes.

S.A.’s Comments:

“These cornbread muffins are very tasty, especially served with butter right out of the oven. They nicely extend any meal, or make a yummy snack.

Be ready, be strong, be kind.

Remember to practice!”

Do you have a favorite recipe that would be of interest to SurvivalBlog readers? In this weekly recipe column, we place emphasis on recipes that use long term storage foods, recipes for wild game, dutch oven and slow cooker recipes, and any that use home garden produce. If you have any favorite recipes, then please send them via e-mail. Thanks!

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How Long Can a Generator Run Continuously?

As your power needs increase, you’ll have more and more reasons to keep your home running smoothly. A generator is an excellent back-up source when your main is compromised. But how long can a generator run continuously? 

The duration you can run a generator before needing to refuel will depend on several factors, e.g., its size, fuel type, etc. 

Many other factors can cause generator breakdowns and reduce running time. But if everything is working correctly  and you have the fuel, your unit should run 24/7 without any problem.

Here’s everything to know about how long a generator can run before needing a refill!

How Long Can a Generator Run Continuously? 

A generator can run 6 hours to 13 hours on a tank of fuel. But Depending on the size, and power, it can last much longer. For instance, an engine that’s producing 10kW will run 6-8 hours with a full tank of gas. 

However, a few factors can reduce or extend this duration. For instance, the time could reduce by 30% if you use an inverter that draws more electricity. 

If you want to operate your generator for extended periods and have questions about what would work best, ask an expert to help you decide.

What Factors Determine a Generator’s Running Time 

Many factors can determine how long a generator can run non-stop. These include:

  • Fuel type and grade 
  • Engine capacity 
  • Load on the generator
  • Weather conditions 
  • Age of the unit
  • Temperature

Generally speaking, generators with high engine capacities will run longer than those with smaller capacities. Plus, more load places greater stress on the generator’s engine, so it may not last as long. 

Generators are designed to function in all weather conditions but running them in cold temperatures or high humidity can shorten their running time by anywhere from 10% to 30%.

Different Generator Types and How Long They Can Run Continuously 

1. Gasoline Generator

If you’re looking to run your gasoline generator continuously, there are some factors that will impact how long it will last. 

The most important factor is the size of your generator, which determines its fuel efficiency. For example, larger generators can run for longer periods than smaller ones because they consume less gas per hour. 

2. Standby Generator

A standby generator can run continuously for as long as it has fuel. Most standby generators have large gas tanks and propane gas lines, so they can run for a long time. 

Huge residential and commercial standby units can run continuously for 48-72 hours before needing a refill.

3. Portable Generator

A portable generator can run for 12 to 24 hours before refueling, depending on its size and other factors like the load on it. 

Its run time may also vary based on the temperature and how well the generator is maintained. 

If your generator is 4,000 watts or less, it can run for up to 8 hours before needing refueling. However, if the unit is 10,000 watts or more, it will only run for about 3 hours before running out of gas.

4. Propane Generator

A propane generator can run continuously for around 12 hours before it needs to be refueled. 

The run time…

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Birthday of Ed W. “Too Tall” Freeman — Medal of Honor recipient.

Today is the birthday of Ed W. “Too Tall” Freeman (November 20, 1927 – August 20, 2008. He was a United States Army helicopter pilot who received the United States military’s highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, for his actions in the Battle of Ia Drang during the Vietnam War. During the battle, he flew through gunfire numerous times, bringing supplies to a trapped American battalion and flying dozens of wounded soldiers to safety. Freeman was a wingman for Major Bruce Crandall who also received the Medal of Honor for the same missions.

On November 2, 1920, the radio station KDKA in Pittsburgh produced what is often cited as the world’s first commercial broadcast. However, it is noteworthy that an experimental station in San Jose, California was operated by Charles “Doc” Herrold, much earlier. Herrold started broadcasting daily from 1909 to 1917 — long before the advent of KDKA. He began playing record albums on the air in 1912. Herrold’s station was licensed as KQW (in 1921) and later KCBS. I n the fall of 1916, after the De Forest Radio Telephone & Telegraph Company began operating an experimental radio station, 2XG, in New York City. They were the first broadcaster to operating commercially, airing advertisements.

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SurvivalBlog Writing Contest

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  1. A course certificate from onPoint Tactical for the prize winner’s choice of three-day civilian courses, excluding those restricted for military or government teams. Three-day onPoint courses normally cost $795,
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