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Homesteaders everywhere choose to add animals to their property. Animals make excellent pets, companions, workers and even food sources. Sometime along your own homesteading journey, you may think about adding your own animals to your homestead.

There’s a lot to know before adding animals to your homestead, though. Multiple animals mean that you have numerous more mouths to feed and water. Plus, they need proper attention and care, especially if you’re using them for sustenance.

An important factor in homesteading is the ability to sustain yourself. You learn to provide for yourself while limiting your carbon footprint on the environment. However, suppose you don’t consider everything there is to know about adding animals to your homestead. In that case, you may end up back at the grocery store purchasing animal products, selling your animals or making a larger carbon footprint than you intended.

Animals deserve to have healthy homes with reliable owners, whether they’re on a homestead or not. If you’ve been considering adding animals to your homestead, then you have probably thought about the various questions that come with it. Whether you’re a beginner homesteader or are a professional homesteader looking to add cattle or chickens, this guide will help you understand what to know about adding animals to your homestead.

Know Your ‘Why’ for Wanting Animals

First, you need to know your ‘why’ for wanting animals. Farm animals are undoubtedly cute, but you don’t want to purchase farm animals for their cuteness. Eventually, they get bigger and grow older, and they’re no longer the baby animals they once were. That’s what happens with pets, too, when families purchase a puppy or kitten as a pet, but then no one wants it because of the responsibility and care that goes into it.

Why do you want animals? Is it for food purposes? Do you want them to be productive, or are they for show? Do you plan on keeping any as a pet? Will you sell any of the animal products to other people? Consider these questions before purchasing animals for your homestead.

Ensure You’re Allowed to Have Animals Where You Live

Some places may have restrictions as to what animals you can keep on your property. If you live in a more urban area, like a town or a city, there are likely rules on which kinds of animals you can own and keep on your property. Check with your local homeowner’s association (HOA). You should be able to call, email or read up on animal regulations.

If you’re not allowed to have large farm animals, there are still plenty of options! Most urban areas are loosening their restrictions on having backyard chickens. Plus, you could have rabbits or even a beehive to get your animal farm started.

Consider Your Space

Next, consider your space. Homesteaders fortunate enough to have multiple acres of land should have little to no problem sheltering a herd of cattle or flock of chickens. They still need to ensure the land is…

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How to Find the Perfect Place to Anchor Your Lake Mead Houseboat Rental

Cruising and navigating the open lake is only part of the full houseboating experience. When the sun sinks low and evening sets in, houseboat operators must find a good spot to anchor or stake their ship. Once an ideal shoreline is established, you can set up camp for the night (or day).

Here at Forever Houseboats, we’ve drawn up a few steps to help you find the perfect place to anchor your Lake Mead houseboat rental.

Step 1. Observe from a distance

Does the bank have plenty of sand? Will this beach provide enough shade and protection from prevailing winds? These are two common questions to ask yourself before settling on the perfect place to anchor your Lake Mead houseboat.

Step 2. Send out the scouts

If you’ve rented a small watercraft, have someone go ahead of the houseboat and scout out the beach in question. If they have determined the beach is suitable (ex: not too shallow), they’ll be able to help guide the vessel into position. 

Step 3. Check below the surface

As you cruise up to a sandy bank, pay close attention to the water directly in front, underneath and to the sides of your boat. Be careful not to park too close to any large rocks.

Step 4. Park near deep water

All of our houseboats come with a built-in water slide located on the back of the vessel. Before you beach your houseboat, it’s important to check behind the boat to make sure the water is deep enough to jump in and there are no large rocks in sight.

Step 5. Stay clear of other boats 

This is especially true when there’s a fair amount of wind present. Even if your houseboat is tied down, there’s still a chance it could drift several feet to the left or right. With…

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A Defense Against Attacks on Negative Liberty

ABSTRACT: Isaiah Berlin made the distinction between negative liberty and positive liberty. Since then, prominent contemporary philosophers including Charles Taylor and Martha Nussbaum have declared negative liberty insufficient or incoherent. This is a critique of those declarations, which have been unduly accepted to a large extent. The critique primarily focuses on Taylor, who made the most direct and complete argument against negative liberty. His argument is shown to be ineffective. And further, his conception of positive liberty is shown to be incoherent.

Keywords: negative liberty, positive liberty, isaiah berlin, martha nussbaum, charles taylor

Stuart Doyle (stuartdoyle1@gmail.com) is in the US Marine Corps and holds a M.S. degree in criminology from the University of Pennsylvania.

Many conceptions of freedom have been formulated over the centuries. As Isaiah Berlin (1969, 4) pointed out, there are two basic contrasting categories into which most of these conceptions may be seen to fit: theories of negative liberty and theories of positive liberty. Negative theories define freedom exclusively in terms of the independence of the individual from interference by others. Lockean theories are prominent examples. In contrast, the positive theories contend that freedom resides at least in part in collective control over common life toward some positive goal. Theories descending from Rousseau exemplify this category.

In the decades since negative and positive liberty were clearly delineated, the most lauded contemporary philosophers, such as Charles Taylor and Martha Nussbaum, have categorically denounced all concepts of negative liberty. In an essay titled, “What’s Wrong with Negative Liberty,” Taylor argues that a negative definition of freedom cannot be adequate and that we should understand freedom as a positive ability to fulfil our purposes. Nussbaum has not dedicated an entire writing to the topic per se, but in her book Creating Capabilities she declares the idea of negative liberty to be “incoherent” (Nussbaum 2011, 65). Though she does not form an argument in support of this claim, I bring it up only to emphasize a blind spot needing attention. Denouncing negative liberty seems to have become so fashionable that when it is done in a work of philosophy apparently no substantiating argument is needed. This is a strange state of affairs considering that the best arguments which have been made against negative liberty are severely defective. I see Taylor’s essay as the most prominent example. So, my goal here is to show that Taylor’s conception of freedom is incoherent. After we briefly observe the conspicuous absence of Nussbaum’s argument, I will address Taylor’s argument, which seems to have made philosophers comfortable in dismissing negative liberty out of hand.

Nussbaum writes:

Fundamental rights are only words unless and until they are made real by government action. The very idea of “negative liberty,” often heard in this connection, is an incoherent idea: all liberties are positive, meaning liberties to do or to be something; and all require the inhibition of interference by others. This is a point that must be emphasized particularly in the United States, where people sometimes imagine that government…

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Detailed Instructions on Choosing Home Generator

Constant outages are a widespread problem for many areas. If you live in one of them, probably you are already looking for the 12000-watt dual fuel generator. The problem with electricity may appear suddenly, caused by storms or any other unpredictable situation, like the tree that fell down and damaged the wires. Most experienced householders prefer to keep the power generator in the storage, just to avoid lighting the candles or stuffing yourself with all the meat from your fridge to save it from spoiling. And what about life without the Internet in the current circumstances worldwide?

Home Generator

Suitable Generator for Home Use

Generators made for home use should be mobile, powerful, and simple to use. You have to pay attention to the features they all provide and choose which one you need the most. It is important to read reviews of other customers as well, since you may find helpful recommendations there. Pay attention to the next features:

  • Fuel. Pay attention to the wide range of fuel you may use for your generator. Standby generators use either liquid propane or natural gas. Still, many experienced users prefer diesel. Liquid propane and diesel fuels require big tanks. If you want to use batteries as the alternative, make sure they can be easily charged.
  • Power. Check out the power that your generator requires. The most popular option is several outlets of 240V.
  • Size. If you want to power your air conditioner with this generator, you need to provide it enough space. Some generators can be used outdoors; others are sensitive to rain and wind and are used in the basement or attic. You need to check the product details. Pay attention to the weight, as you will have to move the device occasionally from one place to another.
  • Run time. The bigger the fuel tank, the longer this generator works. Normally, the generator works up to 8 hours until it spends 50 percent of fuel. Some tools work even longer. You may want to refuel the tank less frequently, so find out how long the tool works half-loaded before you buy it.
  • Outlets. If your house does not have as many outlets as your generator requires, you may face a problem. Find out how many outlets you need before you buy a generator. You may also require USB ports.
  • Portability. If the generator is heavy enough, it must contain wheels and a handle so that you could roll it to the place you need. Make sure that the handle is not too low, and you don’t have to bend to hold it.
  • Affordability. You have to make sure that the price of the generator you pick meets its quality. Don’t go for a cheap generator with lots of negative reviews just to save extra money. However, don’t overpay for the generator you know nothing about.

The Best Generator for Your House

The market offers you a wide range of generators nowadays. All you need to do is pick the one that you find the…

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Adventures on the Everglades

Located at the southernmost tip of the Florida peninsula within the Everglades National Park, your houseboat adventure at Flamingo marina awaits you!

Everglades National Park is a 1.5 million acre wetland preserve on the southern coast of Florida where freshwater meets salt water and whose tropical and subtropical habitat offers one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems. Often referred to as a “slow moving river”, the Everglades are a network of wetlands and forests originating in Lake Okeechobee, fed by the Kissimmee River, and flows .025 miles per day into Florida Bay.

Your group of 6 or less will choose to stay dockside aboard your 42’ houseboat or captain it yourselves while exploring the exotic scenery and wildlife such as the West Indian manatee, the endangered Leatherback turtle and Florida panther, Blue herring, White tailed deer, Bobcat, Gray fox, American alligator and crocodile (the only region in the world where the two species coexist) and hundreds of species of birds, fish, reptiles and mammals.


Your charming houseboat will make you feel right at home offering queen and full size beds (models vary) a complete galley, air conditioning and your linens and towels (generator can be rented for additional fee). Anchoring is done in open water before nightfall, and suggested areas for safe anchoring will be given. Weather is warm year round making it a perfect getaway if you are ready to get out of your colder winter surroundings.  



A staff member will pilot you from the marina through Buttonwood Canal, as this is a narrow stretch difficult for some that will lead to open water. Just over 3 miles from the marina,…

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The Populist Case for the Gold Standard

ABSTRACT: There have been many calls for reforming the gold standard since the end of the classical gold standard and especially since the end of Bretton Woods. While these calls have somewhat abated in recent years, this article will attempt to show that the gold standard is still a superior monetary system, and that the reform of the monetary system is still a desirable policy.

Key Words: gold standard, monetary policy, austrian economics, populism

Kristoffer Mousten Hansen (kristoffi@gmail.com) is a research assistant at the Institute for Economic Policy at Leipzig University and a PhD candidate at the University of Angers. He is also a Mises Institute research fellow.

The author thanks Dr. Joseph Salerno for comments as well as an anonymous referee.

We will proceed by first analyzing the shortcomings of the present fiat-money order, indicating how it distorts the market and society through inflation, redistribution, by artificially increasing the importance of financial markets, and by hampering US industrial production in international trade. Then we will show that these problems would cease to exist under the gold standard, and we will indicate a possible reform for returning to gold in the US. Finally, we will argue that such a reform in order to be successful must become a popular crusade—i.e., it must become a populist issue.


Politics have become increasingly populist throughout the Western world since the Great Recession. Both left-wing and right-wing parties thunder against political and other elites, suggesting that their specific programs and ideologies will put an end to what they see as unfair exploitation of the people by an unaccountable and increasingly out-of-touch elite. In the United States recent populist movements are the Tea Party movement and Occupy Wall Street, and both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders used populist rhetoric in their presidential campaigns.

The rise of populism is, in hindsight, perfectly understandable. The war in Iraq would be a “cakewalk”; “if you like your health insurance, you can keep it”; my opponent’s voters are a “basket of deplorables”—mainstream politicians have again and again shown themselves to be out of touch with reality and increasingly, it seems, also with more and more of their voters. Most important for our purposes, the Federal Reserve, charged with managing the money supply and securing low inflation and low unemployment, was oblivious to all dangers on the eve of the Great Recession, and seemed to do what it could to help big banks and investors weather the storm, no matter what the price would be for the rest of the country.

Indeed, the Federal Reserve has proven unable to achieve the goals set for it since its establishment and especially since the final end of the gold standard and the introduction of the fiat dollar in 1971, when its control over the money supply was vastly expanded. The Fed did manage to break the inflationary expectations that had led to double-digit inflation in the 1970s, but this slight improvement has not canceled out the many evil effects of fiat…

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3 Easy DIY Skin Care Products

Afraid of using chemical products. Still, feel trust issues with buying organic products? Well, I’ve got your back! Keep reading to know how to make homemade DIY skincare products that may do wonders on your skin. Now you can get flawless and glowy skin by using available ingredients at your home!

DIY SKINCARE PRODUCTS-Soaking hands in nourishing milk


Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

  • Heat 2-3 cups of milk (or you can use more; enough to soak your hands thoroughly) in a microwave until it is mildly warm.
  •  Pour the milk into a bowl and wash your hands in it for 10 minutes. 

The fat formed after boiling contains lactic acid, Biotin, and vitamin B6. Such nutrients are essential for new skin cell formation and its nourishment. The lactic acid moisturizes and hydrates the skin whereas, Biotin improves the wrinkled skin and gives it a refreshing look.

You may also need a toner and lubricant in your facial products list. Here is the easiest way to prepare your DIY cream and toner.


Photo by KoolShooters from Pexels

This face mask can help to reduce excessive oil in your skin. 

  • Combine three teaspoons of ground oats and ¼ tablespoons of apple cider in a bowl. 
  • Mix it until it forms in the paste. 
  • Add ¼ tablespoons of lemon juice and ½ tablespoons of brown sugar. 
  • Mix it until the mixture becomes even. Wash your face with water before applying it. 
  • Let the mask sit for at least 10 minutes, so it goes through the top layers of skin and then gently massage it in a circular motion. 

Rinse with water and dry your skin gently with a towel, and voila!

Further Reading: DIY Moisturizing Essential Oil

DIY SKINCARE PRODUCTS-Turmeric face masks

Photo Credits: Coveteur

We can use turmeric for all kinds of skins. The trick is to add turmeric with a thickening agent to make a paste.

For Acne:

Combine turmeric with warm water and honey to fight acne and bacteria. 

For Wrinkles:

Combine turmeric with yogurt and lemon juice to reduce wrinkles. It also nourishes your skin and gives brightening effects.

For Irritation:

Combine turmeric with aloe Vera gel to get rid of the irritation. This paste can provide natural soothing effects.

Apply these masks for at least 10 minutes. Rinse with just water and apply moisturizer, serum, or toner of your own choice.

DIY Skin Care Products are Ready To Serve You!

These masks can help you take care of your skin. If none of these products work or you face skin problems, then visit your dermatologist.


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Why You Should Spend Labor Day at Lake Powell

If you didn’t spend enough time by the water this summer, it’s not too late to have a little fun in the sun this Labor Day. In fact, we believe that Lake Powell is the best place to celebrate your last weekend of the season. From relaxing on the beach to wakeboarding behind a speedboat, Lake Powell has just what you need to wrap up the perfect summer.

Still need a little more coaxing? At Forever Houseboats, we’ve come up with 3 reasons why you should spend Labor Day at Lake Powell.

Reason #1: You can make lots of new friends!

Because holiday weekends are generally busier on the lake, you’ll likely have plenty of company to mingle with on Labor Day weekend. Luckily, that means many opportunities for you and your family to make new friends and enjoy group activities on the water. 

Reason #2: The views are spectacular, especially at sunset.

Due to the unique, spectacular geography of Lake Powell, much of the landscape and scenery can only be seen from the water. Prepare to be awe-struck by the vast canyons and red glistening walls as you cruise for miles under the warm sun. But the gorgeous scenery doesn’t end there. Once the sun sets, a beautiful display of pink and purple skies reflect off the water consuming your sight. Then at night, of course, you have a sky full of stars to gaze at as you enjoy a peaceful evening on deck. 

Reason #3: It’s the perfect excuse to get away from the day-to-day grind.

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s far too easy to forget to slow down and simply enjoy life. When you step aboard one of our Forever Houseboats on Lake Powell, you can leave conference calls and deadlines on the shore behind you. But…

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Facebook Backs Down from Forced WhatsApp Privacy Changes

Facebook WhatsApp

Facebook Backs Down from Forced WhatsApp Privacy Changes

WhatsApp previously threatened sanctions against users who would not accept the company’s new terms of use with weaker privacy protections, but backed down late Friday after a coalition of groups from around the world protested. Burcu Kilic, digital rights program director for Public Citizen, released the following statement in response: “Thank you for stopping what you never should have started. Now please also undo what you coerced millions of people into accepting.” In 2014, EPIC and the Center for Digital Democracy warned the FTC that Facebook routinelyincorporates user data from companies it acquires and that WhatsApp users objected to the acquisition. The FTC approved the merger but told EPIC and CDD that “if the acquisition is completed and WhatsApp fails to honor these promises, both companies could be in violation of Section 5 of the FTC Act and potentially the FTC’s order against Facebook.”

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3 Gorgeous Landscaping Ideas for Your New Home

Our home is our sanctuary where we get back to relax and unwind after accomplishing our daily ventures. The homeowners are always on the lookout to make their interior serene and inviting. It is not a difficult task. However, it requires our loving decorating spirit, creative imagination, personal taste, and aesthetics. Spending money lavishly on interior decoration is not enough until we do careful planning. With a little more care and deep thought, the homeowners can achieve an elegant and aesthetic look of their home. Modern homeowners are also supposed to keep in view the current trends to do up their homes.

A modern home décor preaches the idea of combining style with simplicity. Modern man is so busy in his day-to-day adventures that he can’t spare much time to care for too many decoration tools installed in his home. What he aspires is a stress-lessening home decorating technique. Today’s professional and busy homeowners employ a ‘less is more’ rule and realize a clean, spartan, and clutter-free ambiance in their contemporary home. A minimalist approach is a modern trend to harmonize simple and minimal elements like area rugs, requisite furniture, fabrics, wall art, and the exterior.

Another appealing, contemporary flash to revolutionize your home is to manage a landscape in the exterior. Having a landscape in your home allows you to reap countless benefits. It reflects your artistic nature, refined personality, and love for wildlife. It is +

your home’s additional style and beauty that provenly sucks your fatigue and energizes your exhausted nerves. It elevates your home’s market value, and you gain a considerable return on investment.

There are a plethora of landscaping ideas. Our present blog post will unlock several secrets to embellish your home exterior. Please go through the entire article and realize a soothing décor in your outdoor environment!

Plan Now, Plant Later

The outside of our home is the actual impression of what we are and how we think. It also resonates with the interior drama of decoration. It is where our guests, friends, neighbors, and potential buyers first step in, and it says volumes about the homeowners. Those who own a beautiful garden outside their front door always feel pride in their choice. Updating the face adds to its grandeur and appeal and also its purchasing value. Some aesthetic homeowners spare sufficient space outside to accentuate a landscape. After completing the interior embellishment ventures, now is the time to germinate beautiful garden plants.

You might have planned and explored a myriad of plants for your backyard. If you have done some work at the time of building your home and made a list of plants you aspire to view in your home garden, turn your face to a seed shop or a nursery to pick plants of your choice. It would help if you grew a variety of leafy and flowery plants. The creeper plants also look beautiful and appealing when they cover the whole wall of the front side. Spread different plants in the space you spared for the…

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